Pro Guard Coatings proudly attended the Western Roofing Expo 2017, June 11-13 in Las Vegas, NV. Hundreds of attendees visited the Pro Guard Coatings booth to learn more about our industry-leading and broad line of specialty coatings including 9101 Moisture Cure Liquid Rubber, Professional EPDM Supercoat and 9100 Super Armor.

Pro Guard Coatings’ expert team works diligently to engineer the highest quality product. We have developed and brought to market the most advanced technology of liquid EPDM, epoxies, urethanes and UV curable coatings. Our commitment has changed a 55-year-old paradigm within the industrial, roofing and flooring industries.

If you have any further questions regarding Pro Guard Coatings and our eco-friendly products, please visit us online. Interested in ordering a demo kit?  We look forward to serving you!