Super Armor Moisture Cure Preservation Coating 9120

Pro Guard 9120 Super Armor (Crystal Clear) | A Preservation Coating

SUPER ARMOR CRYSTAL CLEAR was specifically formulated to waterproof and reduce dirt accumulation on glass and clear plastic: skylights, windows and domes

When applied to the exterior of a newly cleaned panel Super Armor Crystal Clear forms a nearly invisible coating which does not change the appearance of color or texture of the surface.

The highly hydrophobic nature of the coating makes it difficult for dirt to stick to it. Rain and occasional pressure washing will keep the surface clean. SUPER ARMOR CRYSTAL CLEAR also contains a permanent UV absorber to retard the rate of degradation from weathering.

Pro Guard Coatings has greatly improved the storage stability of SUPER ARMOR CRYSTALCLEAR by packaging the catalyst separately. When the catalyst is added, however, the mixed product must be applied in approximately one hour to prevent skinning or thickening in the container. The applied material will cure in 1 to 3 hours. Although SUPER ARMOR CRYSTAL CLEAR utilizes recently developed chemistry, it is based on a very durable Urethane Polymer which makes it reasonable to project a 10 year service life for the coating.

  • Waterproofs porous surfaces
  • Prevents dirt pickup
  • Can be applied to damp surfaces
  • Cures at low temps 33 degrees fahrenheit (1 degree celsius)
  • Produces a clear invisible film, surface color is unchanged

ProGuard Coatings Super Armor

Left: Super Armor applied to cement block at 32 degrees fahrenheit
Center: Ink spilled on cured Super Armor coated surface
Right: Ink or paint does not bond to Super Armor coated surface. Easily washes off.


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