The physical properties of EPDM SUPER COAT have been optimized for cure rate, adhesion, and tensile strength. The one property which had to be compromised is elongation. At 63% the elongation is adequate for most types of substrates. Special consideration, however, must be given to large metal roofs which can experience considerable expansion movement. The following procedure should be followed to allow for movement on large metal roofs without creating stress failures of the EPDM SUPER COAT.

Step 1 Treatment of slip joints

Wire brush joints to remove any accumulated dirt.

Apply 3” wide Butyl Adhesive Tape ( In Seam Tape) centered over joint and roll for good adhesion. Leave release film attached.

Also, check flashing around penetrations and make repairs as needed using Butyl Tape.

Step 2 

Pressure wash roof and let dry.

Step 3

Remove release film from Butyl Tape. Airless spray apply EPDM SUPERCOAT first in one direction and then going over the same area at 90 degrees. Apply at a minimum spread rate of 47.5 sq. ft/gal. ( not diluted for spray ) for a 20 mil dry film ( see attached chart ) for other dry film and diluted material spread rates.

Step 4 Calculating material requirements:

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 3.56.22 PMScreen Shot 2014-10-02 at 3.57.37 PM


Step 5 Controlling Application

( Expanded surface area for most standing seam Metal Roofs is the Length x width x 1.2)

Mark roof into areas requiring one pail of SUPERCOAT


39.3 sq.ft. x 6 gal (20% diluted ) = 235 sq. ft. / pail gal

235 = 195 sq. ft. as length x width 1.2

Use a 6 gallon pail ( 5 gal SUPERCOAT plus 1 gal Xylene ) per 195 sq. ft. area ( length x width). This will produce a 20 mil dry film. The spray applicator must communicate with the pump tender frequently in order to monitor his spread rate.

Catalyst Control

It is very important to be able to verify that the catalyst was incorporated when Handling larger numbers of pails of SUPER COAT. Apply a spray can mark or a piece of tape to every pail that had catalyst added. Catalyst and dilution solvent may be added simultaneously. An accurate record of the quantity of SUPER COAT used on a job together with Batch Numbers is required in order to issue a warranty.