Are you looking for the product that has demonstrated the best weathering record? Look no further! Pro Guard Coatings’ EPDM Supercoat has proven to be a superior weathering product for over 60 years! Find out why…

EPDM Supercoat is a liquid product used to waterproof and extend the service life of all types of membrane, metal, and asphalt roofs. Superior chemistry and cost effective price makes this product ideal for any buyer.

While this product is not a replacement for membranes, the EPDM Supercoat will extend the life of asphalt or metal roofing and is recoatable!

Unique Features:

  • Cure is by chemical reaction at 50 degrees Fahrenheit and above.
  • 4-6 hour working time after being catalyzed.
  • Product is Hydrophobic so it waterproofs immediately on application.
  • Uncured material is not damaged by freezing.
  • Withstands ponding water.
  • An excellent corrosion protective coating.

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