Pro Guard Coatings’ Moisture Cure Liquid Rubber is a Silylated Hybrid Polymer based on a Urethane/Polyether chemistry. Our Moisture Cure Liquid Rubber is FM Approved, and well as received approval from the Cool Roof Rating Council and the U.S. Green Building Council. This product from Pro Guard Coatings has also been recently approved in Florida.

This innovative Polymer combination and treatment results in a unique combination of properties:

  • Cures as low as 33°
  • Cures quickly so weather is not an issue
  • Great for roofs needing oil resistance or those prone to ponding
  • Can be tinted to many shades
  • Many years of service
  • Maintainable and recoatable
  • Meets all environmental concerns

Application is easy! Simply add the pre-measured catalyst and apply by brush, roller or spray. The resting viscosity is slightly thick but this will reduce when agitated. Product should be able to be sprayed without solvent dilution. Substrate to be coated may be damp but should not have water droplets on it.

For more information on our Moisture Cure Liquid Rubber, please visit us online or contact us at (717) 336-7900.