Our Moisture Cure Liquid Rubber is a Silylated Hybrid Polymer based on a Urethane/Polyether chemistry. Our Moisture Curing mechanism is unique in the way it overcomes restrictions for minimum temperatures and damp or wet substrates. Find out how our 9101 Moisture Cure Liquid Rubber works to provide you with the best coating possible.

The base polymer is chemically modified to react with moisture when the supplied catalyst is added. This produces two reactive byproducts which then combine to form a stable bond. This process continues automatically until all reactive sites are combined. The process only depends on the availability of moisture in the form of airborne water vapor or liquid water. This is why Moisture Curable coatings can be applied to damp surfaces and even cure underwater.

Low ambient temperatures will slow the cure process, but do not arrest it. Even if the coating is applied in above freezing conditions and temperature drops below that a short time later, the coating will still eventually cure without compromising its physical properties. As long as moisture is available in the presence of the catalyst, the final cured properties will be consistently the same.

9101 Moisture Cure Liquid Rubber and 9100 Super Armor Clear are both moisture curable coatings that can be applied year round. These coatings are equipped to cure at temperatures as low as a few degrees above freezing and can be applied to damp surfaces. The versatility and adaptability of these products makes your coating a breeze!

For more information on our Moisture Cure Liquid Rubber product, visit our product description.