Case Study – Two Domes for Fertilizer Company, Missouri

Case Study Provided by DRS - Dome & Roofing Solutions. Scope: These two domes are 90x45, totaling over 25,000 combined surface feet. Due to the corrosive nature of fertilizer, they were in rough shape. About 8 years ago, the company had hired a local coating company to provide repairs; these failed as the coating was the wrong product (elastomeric) and the company lacked the knowledge to know how to fix. [gallery ids="3321,3322,3319"]

Case Study – Dome for a Cement Company, Boston

Case Study Provided by DRS - Dome & Roofing Solutions.   Scope: This is a tall dome at 85 feet, not including the additional head house. We repaired several areas of the damaged fabric and recoated the entire dome and head house in a custom color. We also coated an additional 12,869 of head house atop a 135 ft silo complex, as well as some structural steel because this rubber provides an excellent anti-rust feature. The customer is a cement company and due to problems with the dome, they had 2,000+ tons of cement powder harden on the inside. This is why scheduling preventative maintenance is so crucial for dome owners!   [gallery link="file" ids="3306,3305,3304" orderby="rand"]

U.S. Coast Guard and Liquid Roof®

The U.S. Coast Guard recently completed a coating of their roof with Liquid Rubber® in Ocean City, MD. The General Contractor was Edgewater Construction of Chesapeake, VA. Bill Washborn was the Project Manager. He used Certified Applicator, Dome and Roofing Solutions owned by Lars Benson. The project called for a 17,000 sq. ft. standing seam metal roof coating. The used Liquid Rubber® that was tinted to "Coast Guard Blue"! The Liquid Rubber® was applied to the roof using a truck mount sprayer. Eric at Better Roofing came to assist and advise. The product was distributed by EPDM Coatings®, an Authorized Distributor with Pro Guard Coatings®. The end result is an EPDM membrane that will resist the tremendous salt water degradation near the ocean. Pro Guard Coatings® is warranting this roof! [gallery link="none" ids="1694,1695,1696,1697,1698,1699,1701,1702,1703,1704"]